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Clear Acrylic

Create your own private oasis with a clear acrylic Foras Fusion design.

Exceptional clarity, lightweight but long-lasting and beautifully reflective: the unique properties of clear acrylic present an opportunity for remarkable designs. 


It is an ever-growing part of the Foras repertoire, as we mould the material to create a range of striking pieces that complement beautiful outdoor living spaces.


Contemporary Design

Pioneering designs and driving forward innovation is intrinsic to the Foras ethos. Through clear acrylic, an opportunity to expand and differentiate arose: the material can be fabricated and moulded into many shapes and forms, allowing for more freedom in design. 


Taking inspiration from nature, our Fusion water features imbue any space with a sense of calm and relaxation. Reflective of the sky and surrounding garden, with the soothing sounds of running water; our clear acrylic features bring a meditative modernity to outdoor living.

All Foras Fusion features are illuminated with integrated LED lights as standard, so you can enjoy the serenity of your space long after dark. 

Lightweight But Long-Lasting

Sometimes a lighter touch is needed. For hard-to-access areas, roof terraces, or those who simply need the added flexibility, clear acrylic offers a lightweight solution – without sacrificing any longevity.

Quality is paramount at Foras: our materials are sourced from Italy and the UK, and crafted here in Norfolk by our experts. Clear acrylic will not fade or lose its shine. Its unmatched resistance to UV light and strength - 10 times more more impact resistant than glass despite being half the weight - gives clear acrylic astonishing longevity.  


From the first day you install a clear acrylic feature to its last, the immaculate clarity will remain.

New Fusion Bowl.jpg
Fusion Vortex Grande

Explore our clear acrylic range at our Stowbridge showroom and gardens, and find the perfect complement to your garden.

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