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Natural Stone Spheres

Find an elegant centrepiece to complete your garden. 

Natural stone is where it all began at Foras. Twenty years after our first experiences with the medium, our expertise in the craft is unrivalled.  We scoured the globe to find the finest materials, and are experts at sculpting natural stone: explore our range of natural stone water features and create your own oasis at home.


Stories In Stone

Our story is closely intertwined with that of the stone we shape. Our Belmont and Bliss ranges pioneered the sphere design, capturing the art of stone and inspiring an ever-evolving collection of original Foras water features. 


Every sphere is unique, hand-crafted and personally designed by experts. Inspiration for our pieces comes from the natural world: we look to evoke the tranquillity of nature and imbue it into your home. Each natural stone sphere tells its own story, with striations and colour patterns formed over the course of several millennia.

Exceptional Quality

Hand-selected by John and Claire in 2004, our water features are hewn from natural stone ethically and sustainably sourced from a company in the Rajasthan region of India. It has become our longest-lasting supplier relationship, and a deep understanding of the selection process has developed: our suppliers know how to identify the finest examples of natural stone for our designs. 


Each Foras stone sphere is individual. Tones of orange, violet and grey in rainbow sandstone, or hues of green and gold in layered slate; all are accentuated by the flow of water through textured peaks and valleys, and sculpted to resist both frost and harsh weather for a beauty that endures.

Natural stone.jpg

See with your own eyes how nature and design converge in our bespoke stone and slate spheres at our Stowbridge show garden, and explore the largest display of running water features in the UK.

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