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Water Bowls

Few things are as soothing as the sound of running water. Except, perhaps, the sight of a crystal clear body of water to accompany it. From characterful natural stone to the majesty of verdigris copper to the the clarity of clear acrylic, Foras water bowls exude a calming ambience in any space and will make a beautiful addition to your garden.


Capturing Serenity

For many, outdoor living presents a chance to create a private sanctuary where you can enjoy the natural world in the comfort of your home. Creating a calming refuge to help you unwind is made easier with the addition of a Foras water bowl. 


Foras offers cutting-edge design – made for the avant-garden – and combines it with the gentle flow of water; the end result is naturally soothing and adds a contemporary touch to any outdoor space.

With water bowls available in diameters ranging from 50cm to 90cm, there's a perfect size to complement every garden, ensuring a seamless integration into various outdoor settings.

Evolving Range

The journey of Foras water bowls commenced with the enchanting hues of vibrant rainbow and the commanding presence of shark sandstone, progressing to the dazzling allure of quarzitic pewter.

Discover your perfect water feature within the extensive Foras collection, now enriched with materials like authentic copper and transparent acrylic. The options extend further to include LED illumination and a diverse array of innovative mounting designs.

Continually pushing boundaries, Foras stands at the forefront of water bowl design, with a commitment to ongoing development and the introduction of new, cutting-edge products.


Explore our collection of water bowls at our Stowbridge showroom and gardens.

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