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Foras Water Features

Enrich your outdoor living space with Foras design

Embodying symbolism linked to healing and purity, water serves as an element that evokes a profound sense of peace and serenity. Foras water features seamlessly integrate this essence with our original and innovative designs, transforming and reshaping spaces to evoke an atmosphere of complete tranquility.

Consider your outdoor space as an extension of your home. Elevate the sophistication and creativity of interior design to the great outdoors with our collection of luxurious garden water features.

Our Collection

See our latest artisan collection of water features.


Case Study: Contemporary

Coastal Hideaway

Situated on the North Norfolk Coast, this stunning new construction boasts a contemporary design that demanded an aesthetic marrying modernity with the coastal surroundings.


Mandolin Grey porcelain emerged as the ideal choice, seamlessly extending from interior to exterior spaces with uninterrupted continuity.


The porcelain served as a superb backdrop for the courtyard's centerpiece: the sophisticated Foras Fusion water feature, crafted to create mesmerising reflections across the tiled surface.

The Foras Difference

Each original Foras water feature is handcrafted, designed with a considered simplicity that derives from both contemporary and ancient influences, but is enduring at its core.


If you’re looking to create an ambience of restful serenity, look no further than Foras. Every Foras piece is of our own original design, bringing sculpture to life through the movement of water. Many years of experience in producing award-winning designs has cemented our position as a creator of exceptional quality. Our water features are crafted with meticulous attention to detail – we leave our cosy Norfolk base to unearth the finest materials around the globe, hand-picking our suppliers in locations such as Italy, Morocco and India.


Why Choose A Foras Water Feature?

  • Leadership and Innovation. As pioneers and innovators in the industry, we proudly design all our water features. If it doesn't bear the Foras name on the box, it is not an authentic Foras product. Imitations cannot match the look or performance of our originals.

  • Premium Materials. We understand that not all natural stone is created equal. We meticulously specify and directly source our materials from mines, grading them to our exacting standards. For a water feature with exceptional graining and pagination that delivers a wow factor, choose a Foras Stone water feature. Invest in a real natural stone piece of history that will last for infinity.

  • Durable Kits. Our kits are engineered with durability in mind, capable of effortlessly supporting the substantial weight of a water feature.

  • Reliability and Testing. All water feature components undergo rigorous testing, running continuously in our show gardens to ensure reliability. Our workshops and test facilities ensure that every product is developed and thoroughly tested before reaching the market.

  • Swift Delivery. Maintaining substantial stock reserves enables us to offer fast delivery of our products.

  • Product Selection. Visit our extensive Stowbridge site to view, admire, and personally select from our range of products. Choose the exact original Foras water feature that speaks to you.

  • Sustainability. Invest in longevity with Foras stone pieces that stand the test of time.

  • Made in the UK. Our metal components are designed, developed, and manufactured in Norfolk, ensuring the quality and craftsmanship of each piece.

  • Confidence. We are so confident in the quality of our sourced stone that you can personally buy your selected piece by visiting our showroom. With a product selection facility in our expansive 10,000sqm display, you can handpick the piece you want to own.

  • Portability. Our portable solutions provide flexibility in placing your water feature. Easily movable, they can be situated on balconies, roof terraces, listed properties, and even indoors.

  • Support and Installation. Detailed installation instructions and pre-fixing components make installation easier. Our experts are just a phone call away, ready to provide technical support to you or your installer.

  • Personalisation. Whether altering the color of a base stone or the height of a plinth, many features in our core range can be customised to meet your specifications. Our engraving service allows for further personalisation with names, sentiments, or even family crests.

  • Illumination. Most Foras water features offer the option of LED lighting as standard, allowing you to enjoy the display day or night. Our ongoing developments focus on integrating and incorporating light for year-round enjoyment.



Your vision, made to order.

When nearly perfect isn’t quite enough, there’s no need to compromise with Foras. Lean on our expertise to enact your vision, and see your project – whether a client’s dream home or your own – come to life. 


Our team excels at transforming a rough sketch into a vivid render within any setting, collaborating with you to elevate your concept from the page to reality. With decades of experience and award-winning expertise, we stand in a distinctive position to offer advice on any concept. Whether crafting an entirely new feature or modifying one of our existing pieces to align with your design, we have the knowledge and skill to make your vision a reality.

Visit Our Norfolk Showroom & Gardens

There’s no better way to appreciate the colours, textures and quality of our water features than to see them with the naked eye. Visit our Stowbridge showroom to see the Foras collection and find inspiration for your next project.

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