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A Garden Transformed

A newer property with a blank canvas of a garden: the Foras design team put a scheme together from scratch to create a versatile entertaining space. Using Serena Stone porcelain wood planks, which provide a hardwearing yet natural looking surface with a modern edge, the garden was transformed into an interesting and evocative oasis. 


The Brief

Our clients had purchased a newer property with a characterless garden, although a good size, the area lacked visual depth and was time consuming for our clients to maintain. They wanted a space which kept planting controlled in beds or planters, an area for dining and one for seating, with a water feature and a cooking area too! 

The stylistic brief included the need to stick to a cool colour palette using mainly grey/blue tones, using only porcelain products for ease of maintenance. They also wanted to work in metal paneling and a pergola for added visual interest, this was to be designed in collaboration with Urban Skies, a metalworking company which works alongside Foras on many projects.  The design also needed to incorporate a water feature and a small area of lawn. 


The Project

After a consultation with the clients Serena Stone porcelain planks and Vasiliki Nepi Decorative tiles were chosen. From this we went on to design a garden which took into account the levels of the garden, adding a sunken dining area and a raised seating area under the pergola. The raised beds created a focal point for planting which helps to mask neighbouring properties and depth to the scheme. This style of gardening is also easy to maintain and keep under control with a minimum of effort. 

To bring water and life into the garden a Bliss Trio water feature created a striking centerpiece, the rustic hues of the rainbow sandstone spheres drawing the red bricks of the house itself into the scheme and breaking up the large area of Serena Stone paving. Finally an Optical sandstone bench adds a sculptural as well as practical element.




"We absolutely love the garden but it’s so lovely to hear it from an expert like you. I think it’s special but we might be a bit bias!! And of course without your company supplying us beautiful products and the help of your amazing team, it genuinely wouldn’t have been possible.

Jenny and John have held our hands through it all, so thank you. Jenny's design service made it so much easier for the build team and John's help with your products and the recommendations (lights, screens, canopy, fire pit, trees….basically everything!) were invaluable. You truly are a complete garden inspiration/makeover company from start to finish!" - Mr. & Mrs. H, Norfolk

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