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Foras Is For Living

Conversations in the kitchen. A summer spent in recline out of doors. Low-lit evenings recalling fond memories in the garden with old friends. Living spaces, outdoor and in, are representative of who we are, an intimate portrait of our lives and selves. 


Your home is your sanctuary – here’s why you should choose to invite Foras in.


Ingenuity In Design

Art is evocative; it should inherently inspire feeling in an onlooker. At Foras, our designs are made to do the same. We see beyond the base of a raw material, and into the art of design. 


Our craft is ageless – meeting at the intersection of the ancient and the modern, we bring decades of experience, award-winning expertise and singular innovation, merging into a medium built to last. An original Foras design isn’t fleeting, but a feat of ingenuity that can remain within the home for generations.


Hand-Selected For Excellence

From the domineering mountains of India’s remotest corners to the tumbling hills of Italy: we settle for nothing less than perfection in our pursuit of excellence. Traversing the globe to find the right materials and partners, our patience is duly rewarded. Each material is hand-picked for its unique properties, incandescent beauty and luxurious feel. 


Beyond luxury is longevity. In Foras collections, you find an enduring beauty; sculpted to be perpetual. Whether it is stone hewn from Moroccan quarries or delicate Italian porcelain, you will be receiving the finest materials, personally selected.

Made In Norfolk

Uncovering raw materials may lead us to venture across the globe, but our everyday is rooted in rather humbler surroundings. Our Foras home and Chelsea Flower Show-inspired showroom is a slice of modern, cutting-edge design nestled in the beautiful fens of Norfolk. The Foras story began here, born from a simple conversation between John Wootton and his partner Claire Brutnall, and transforming into an award-winning independent business still thriving 20 years later.


Norfolk is Nelson's County. At just ten years old, the would-be naval hero began to slowly cultivate his skills on the water. One lesson at a time. Norfolk is a county home to both great heritage and a pioneering spirit: a dichotomy we incorporate into Foras design, where innovation is paramount, and history innate. Visit our Stowbridge showroom to meet the team and receive a Norfolk warm welcome; we’re a family-run business, with a close-knit team dedicated to delivering attentive service and unmatched expertise.

Long-lasting relationships with our partners and creating all designs in-house gives us the flexibility and expertise to adapt to your vision. Our design team can take a rough sketch and produce scaled drawings and renders, outlining exactly how a piece will look in a given setting. 


Lean on our expertise and work collaboratively with us, with full access to our extensive list of high-quality quarries and supply partners. Together, we can realise your vision to its fullest potential.

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