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Manor House Opulence

A beautiful manor house beginning to show its age; Foras injected this renovation project with colour and character, restoring its former opulence. Tidal Grey honed limestone runs uninterrupted through the ground floor, contrasting beautifully against the exposed beams and rustic furniture. Five bathrooms offered room to get creative, with Foras experts encouraging experimentation to a fantastic end.


The Brief

Our clients’ ambition to breathe new life into a tired old manor house, restoring it to its former glory, brought them to Foras. Our mandate was to create a harmonious blend of elegance, modernity, and a touch of maximalism, while respecting the inherent charm and character of the property. 


Not shying away from the opulence of the manor, our clients were keen to highlight the luxury and grandeur of the property, and use vibrant colours and varied textures to add a contemporary edge to the historic building.


The Project

To achieve our clients' vision, we chose Tidal Grey honed limestone for the main ground floor. This natural stone embraces irregularities, with its intricate fossil detail and warm grey tones, and worked beautifully against the exposed beams and rustic furniture present in the space. The smooth honed surface of this stone undergoes further enhancement during the sealing process, which allows us to tailor the aesthetic to the clients' preferences, whether accentuating the colour or maintaining a natural and matte finish. The end result was fitting for the timeless elegance of the manor.


True experimentation is often reserved for the bathrooms in a property, where even the most reserved clients can be persuaded to move outside of their comfort zone. Each bathroom became a unique expression of style and individuality – though remaining cohesive with the maximalist aesthetic of the property – and brought some extra personality to the home. Bright colours and varied textures created a point of interest; the design displayed a selection of both Ca’ Pietra and our own Foras decorative ceramic and stone. 

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