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Your vision, made to order

At Foras, we understand the delight that comes from witnessing the transformation of a concept into reality. Our exceptional team is ready to assist you in experiencing that same joy, providing support as you aspire to attain the pinnacle of sophisticated design. We echo your commitment to realizing your project. Providing unparalleled support for our clients is consistently our top priority, and our warm, dedicated service mirrors this principle. Come to our Norfolk showroom to personally meet the team and encounter our attentive service.


Precision Unleashed in Outdoor Design

In the dynamic world of outdoor design, we set ourselves apart by embracing cutting-edge technology to enhance precision and customisation. Whether it's a sprawling garden, a compact urban balcony, or a courtyard oasis, CAD allows us to tailor our outdoor designs to meet specific preferences and spatial constraints.

Once an initial model has been built to work continues through an interactive design process presentation. Clients can actively participate in shaping their outdoor spaces, providing feedback, and making real-time adjustments to achieve a design that resonates with their vision.

Finally, a set of renders are produced which accurately communicate the design, whether as part of a sales brochure or to accurately inform a building contractor. The project featured was a new-build manor house, with a curved design patio created using our exclusive Avery LNK Limestone.

Access To The Finest Materials

Every material in our collection is meticulously chosen by hand, selected for its distinct properties and exceptional quality. With over two decades of experience, Foras has had the opportunity to establish robust relationships with suppliers worldwide. Our commitment to ethical sourcing extends to countries like Italy, Morocco, and India.

When our trusted suppliers present their latest and most innovative offerings, we carefully curate items that seamlessly complement our existing collection and align with our genuine beliefs. Subsequently, these selected materials undergo rigorous testing and trials in our own gardens to ensure they meet the high standards set by Foras.

With our direct links to the quarry we can specify unique surface finishes and bespoke pieces, such as pool corners and copings and step sets.  Crafted with precision, these custom pieces add a finishing touch that enhances the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space.

For a glimpse into the world of Foras and the exceptional service we provide, we extend a warm invitation to visit our Norfolk showroom. Here, you can explore our curated collection of outdoor features, experience the quality of our materials firsthand, and engage with our knowledgeable team. The showroom is not just a space to display products but a place where ideas come to life, and dreams find a tangible form.



Infuse your project with a distinctive touch and lend a timeless quality to any message you desire to convey through our customized engraving services. Whether it's engraving stone water features, bird baths, or planters, Foras' personalization service enables you to immortalize enduring memories, tailor a feature to align with your design vision, and imbue a space with the authentic essence of your identity.

“I wished to purchase a fitting tribute to my Son, and following some research went to visit Foras. The internal and external show spaces were exceptional and spoke at length with Jessica. We sat down to discuss a number of options, and nothing was too much trouble.

I placed an order the following day, after which I was regularly updated which included an engraving menu, for which I was able to choose style, font, size and colour of lettering. Such fine details, and we took delivery last week. I am delighted with the whole experience and now have a fitting tribute so able to find peace in what has been a difficult time for many people.


Thank you, Jessica, for your compassion, understanding and support throughout. All the very best, Andrew💙”

Water FeaturesTailored to You

At Foras, bespoke water features represent the epitome of exclusivity and individuality. The journey of creating a bespoke water feature begins with a collaborative dialogue between the client and the Foras team. This interaction allows for a deep understanding of the customer’s vision, preferences, and the specific ambiance they aim to achieve.

Crafting bespoke water features requires not only artistic vision but also technical prowess. We leverage advanced engineering techniques to ensure the functionality and longevity of each customised creation. From intricate water flow patterns to the integration of lighting elements, every detail is meticulously considered and executed to perfection.

Elevate your outdoor space with a bespoke water feature, and let the gentle flow of water become a bespoke symphony in your personalised oasis of tranquillity.

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