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Contemporary Coastal Hideaway 

Combining coastal charm with contemporary chic, this new build property pairs a seaside colour palette with an angular, structured design. Our Mandolin Grey porcelain flows from indoor to outdoor areas in perfect symmetry, while a Foras Fusion water feature provides the courtyard with a stunning focal point.


The Brief

A beautiful coastal location was the perfect backdrop to this striking new build home. A unique structured architectural design, featuring multiple angles and levels, was softened by a coastal colour palette. The design needed to create a harmony between the clean edges and contemporary feel of the building and the desire for a calming, coastal-inspired atmosphere. Our client dreamt of a modern, elegant space that would be equally soothing in indoor and outdoor areas.


The Project

Mandolin Grey porcelain tiles had the versatility to be used across indoor and outdoor areas, ensuring a flawless, uninterrupted cohesion throughout the home. The tiles can be cut and shaped, allowing us to create drop-down copings and step treads, providing a seamless and polished finish. The soft grey tone of the tiles beautifully complemented the neutral colour of the kitchen cabinetry and the soft grey painted walls, offering a clean canvas for the client to personalise the space with brightly coloured furniture.


Outdoors, a Foras Fusion water feature made a magnificent centrepiece. The smooth grey porcelain tiles proved a perfect mirror for the trickling water, casting reflections across the courtyard floor and adding a soothing element to the space; we worked closely with the client to create a bespoke design that perfectly suited their preferences. In the master bedroom, we continued the theme of calming nature. A textured decorative tile in a neutral colourway contrasted with the whitewashed wood effect of Serena Fog, creating an elegant coastal aesthetic. This soothing colour scheme was carried through the rest of the bathrooms, making for a cohesive and harmonious design throughout.


While the majority of the home is designed to invoke a feeling of relaxation and calm, in the downstairs cloakroom, a sense of whimsy replaced serenity. Here, our imagination is meant to run wild: we incorporated Monkey Puzzle patterned tiles, pairing them with a complementary wallpaper, and completed the design with bright blue brick tiles. This bold combination brought a burst of colour and personality to the space, demonstrating how a well-placed "pop of colour" can bring life and character to even the calmest of homes.

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