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The Family Home Grows Up

We helped our client create a family home that doesn’t sacrifice elegance. A request for calm serenity – with a bit of fun, of course – was met with the honey tones of Avery LNK limestone and Ca’Pietra’s Pottery tile in Ocean.


The Brief

Our clients were ready to move on from the jumble of the family home, seeking a more serene space after their children had grown up and moved on to the next stage of their lives. In their new build property, they sought to create a calming ambience, with an emphasis on natural materials and warmer tones. 


Though a sense of serenity was the ultimate aim, our clients were also keen to retain some of the playfulness of the family home, and were not averse to a pop of colour to create a point of interest. Our task was to curate a design scheme that would harmoniously incorporate these two opposing aesthetics, and elevate the space to something greater than the sum of its parts.


The Project

The honey hues of our Avery LNK limestone, carefully chosen to pair with the wood accents of the worktops and deep blues of existing furniture, made the perfect foundation for creating a calming ambience. This natural stone helped inspire a harmonious and inviting atmosphere throughout the space, while an element of colour was introduced with the ocean blues of Ca' Pietra's Pottery tile; providing a striking focal point in the room.


For the bathrooms, our design approach focused on providing visual interest while maintaining the overall serenity of the space. In the main en-suite, we combined Ca' Pietra's Woodland Glade tiles with the Foras Lavagna White; the serene white hues of Lavagna, paired with the touches of natural wood, were thoughtfully incorporated to fit the home’s overall theme. 


In the remaining en-suites, we opted for a combination of Serena Shell wood effect tiles and our own Ruben Clear Deco. The wood effect tiles brought the natural world into the home, while the faded antique pattern of Ruben Clear Deco added understated grandeur. 


Throughout the project, we worked closely with the client to advise on design and materials, aligning with their calm yet playful vision – the finished home is something that will last for generations for the family.

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