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New Arrivals

Discover the latest additions to the Foras collection

Find the most recent Foras designs here, and unearth the perfect new addition to your home and garden. From rich textures and vibrant colours to the craftsmanship of sculpting steel; Foras is driving forward innovative design, and bringing original art into your living spaces.


Fusion Cairo Trio

Flowing water over clear acrylic creates exquisite reflections of the surrounding garden and the sky above: the trio takes all the qualities of the Fusion Cairo and creates an even grander display. 


Foras’ first fully lightweight trio makes an exceptional focal point for any garden. Ease of installation and individually adjustable spheres give a flexibility in design that allows for the trio to be situated in places which would otherwise be inaccessible.


Fusion Oceanic

With the largest body of water in any Foras creation, this feature is aptly named the Fusion Oceanic. Crafted to capture the vastness of the ocean in your own garden, the clear acrylic water bowl, which sits upon a pewter natural stone cup, is surprisingly lightweight. LED illumination amplifies an almost infinite, otherworldly effect, making the Oceanic an enchanting centrepiece for your garden.


Shard Shrine

A Shard Shrine is no mere garden ornament; it’s a true statement piece, and a powerful work of art. Water is an eternal element, cyclical in nature; in the Shrine, it flows endlessly from steel into the glass basin below, never overflowing – the completed arc symbolising the natural cycle of life and rejuvenation. 


Forged from high-grade steel – which is available in both a textured brush and mirror polish finish – by a local metalworker, the sculpture is a striking shape, and exclusive to Foras; the twisting curvature is reminiscent of a wave beginning to crest. It catches the eye immediately, though your attention is soon drawn to the vivid colours of our unique fused glass water bowl. Carefully crafted by an expert glassmaker, each water bowl is an explosion of colour, and in itself a standalone piece of art. 

Fusion Cairo

Introducing the Fusion Cairo: our latest water feature uses the unique qualities of clear acrylic to stunning effect. Lightweight and beautifully iridescent, the clarity of the Cairo sphere will never fade. A cleverly disguised porcelain base gives the illusion that the sphere is floating, lending it an ethereal quality, enhanced at nightfall by LED lighting within the globe.


Fusion Cristal

Another addition to our Fusion Clear Acrylic collection, the Cristal takes inspiration from its champagne namesake. Mirroring the form of a Coupe glass, the trickle of water is designed to conjure images of bubbly gently spilling over the sides.


Sitting upon a natural stone cup, the Fusion Cristal casts reflections against the intricate graining of the pewter. With full illumination as standard, the water bowl will glow with a soft luminescence long after the sun retreats below the horizon.


Shard Vault

Capture the individuality of art at home with the exclusive Shard Vault water feature. Formed through the fusion of metal oxides and paints within glass, it bursts with vivid colours and distinctive polychromatic effects, unique to each bowl – the exact textures and colour patterns of your piece will never be replicated. 


The singular luminosity of the Shard Vault is made new after sundown, when illumination from the acrylic vault tube below casts a kaleidoscope of iridescence, working against the water to create a masterpiece of fluid artistry.

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